My experience at the Hillsong Colour Conference 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is to focus on my spiritual growth. So one of the action points I had written to help me do that was to attend a few Christian women conferences.

Anyone who knows me well, know that I am a huge fan of Joyce Meyers (JM) so when I found out Mama JM was going to be at the Hillsong Colour Conference this year I signed up quickly.

It’s amazing that the Colour conference has been held in London for 15 years but I only heard of it last year. Because of Mama Joyce, the colour conference was suddenly on my radar. I am so glad I went and I would like to share some of my take home with you.

The conference took place on Thursday 30th April to Saturday 2nd May 2015 at the Wembley Arena and the venue was sold out! I think Mama JM had somthing to do with that as almost everyone who was attending for the first time like me came because of her.

The arena was packed with over 10,000 women and a number of men who volunteered to serve us during the conference.


The worship all through was awesome. Hillsong Church is known for their worship but this was something else. I can’t even explain it.

10, 000 women lifting up their hands, declaring the name of Jesus in one accord. It was beyond words!

Check out my conference band which made it very easy to get into the venue 🙂


I made new amazing friends at the conference. 🙂



The speakers

Bobbie Houston, co founder of the Hillsong Church was such a lovely host. Very down to earth and jovial. I have never her preach/teach before so it was lovely to hear her open the ceremony with God’s word.

She made us realise that as Christians, persecution will come not because of us but because of Christ. She talked about always been found in God’s words, shadow and footsteps.

The other speakers who I had never heard about till the conference were amazing!


Collage 2015-05-07 05_46_14

Source: BobbieHouston Instagram page


Beth Moore

Immediately she stepped on the stage, you could feel the presence of God. I said to myself – “I want to have what she has!”. She talked about how God has called women to raise up the next generation. This was her key message:


One thing she said that struck me was become the woman you want your daughter to be. Hmm Selah. She also made us say this BOLD dangerous declaration.




In her second session, she talked about praying to know God more, to hear from him, to  love him and the desire to read His word.

She said another profound statement- No one has more grace or power than anyone else in the body of Christ but the reason most people are stagnant in their walk with God is because they do not ask!

So ASK- if you want to hear from God, ask him to tune your ears to hear him, if you want to read the word more, ask for the grace and the desire to. So I am on asking mode now 🙂


This lady is such a sweet fashionable power house of God. She is 30 years old and the word of God that came out of this woman was Amazing! She had two sessions as well and talked about God’s love and then the slow burn faith we have as Christians.

She shared her personal story of how she is waiting to have a baby after over 5 years of being married. Before she shared her raw emotional story, your first reaction when you see DawnChere could be that she has the perfect life but here she was waiting on God with her slow burn faith to grant her her heart desire. I am glad she shared this with us and I know in due season the prophecy she got from someone she didn’t know at all (sometime ago)- one baby in her hand and the bible in the other hand will come to pass.

There was also a chance to pray for those who were looking up to God for the fruit of the womb.

Joyce Meyers

Mama JM, spoke on Saturday morning and it was worth the wait. The whole house screamed and cheered when she came on stage. She spoke about circumcisions and rainbows- You will have to read the story of Abraham and Noah in Genesis to get the gist. Basically about what to do when God doesn’t pick you, when someone else you know has what you want and you don’t.

She talked about how it seems everyone around you gets what you want but you are stuck in this place waiting on God. She encouraged us to be satisfied with what we have and stop worrying about what God is doing with others. He has a plan and purpose for us and it will come to pass.

One thing she said that I took away was – God wants to know if you will stick with him, even if you don’t get what you want. Are you serving God because of what you can get from him or because of who he is. This struck me because I have been believing God for some things but all I hear is wait, slow down and that can be frustrating at times but now I am learning to wait joyfully.

In all I had an amazing experience, 1 week later I am still recovering. If growing spiritually is on your plan for 2015, I would recommend going for women conferences and reading books. These will help build your spirit (wo)man.

What conferences  are you attending or what Christian books (apart from the Bible) are you reading this year to help you with your spiritual growth. Share in the comment section below. I would love to know.





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  1. Traycee Sokoya
    Traycee Sokoya says:

    Wow! I never knew about it myself. I hope I can attend next year!
    Very true…its amazing what God is using these women to do…I sometimes get frustrated too myself when things don’t go my way but I am also learning to wait..Thank you for sharing the amazing experience!

  2. Funmi Onamusi
    Funmi Onamusi says:

    Thank you for sharing Aloted! Sounds like it was an amazing time! Do you know if there are recordings of the sessions?

  3. Sike
    Sike says:

    you obviously had a great time! yes, spiritual growth doesn’t happen by chance, we’ve got to keep in step with the Spirit à la Gal. 5:25.

    Currently reading Michael Horton’s ‘Ordinary’ – sustainable faith in a radical, restless world.

    If I’m constrained to recommend just one conference for women, it’ll have to be the TGC (The Gospel Coalition) Women’s conference – the next one is still over a year away, but I’m already looking forward to & praying to attend! I think you should plan to attend :-).

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kim Hawkins
    Kim Hawkins says:

    So excited for you being able to participate in this event and proud of you for taking an actionable step in the area of spiritual growth. I don’t have any conferences on my agenda this year with regard to spiritual growth. I recently finished reading ‘not a fan.’ by Kyle Idleman and it was very thought provoking. What are you reading Aloted?


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