How to connect with God even with a busy schedule

how to connect with God even with a busy schedule

One of the qualities of a Super Working mum is the ability to connect with God even with a busy schedule.

One thing I always tell my ladies is that if you are too busy to read your bible and pray then you are really too busy!

As a Christian mum, you cannot afford NOT to spend some time with your father and the one who knows your future. This is how you will grow and deal better with the challenges of life.

I know life can get very busy, with family commitments and work commitments. A lot of women get into a guilt trip because they can’t find time to pray or read their bibles.
They feel condemned and sink deeper into guilt and end up being far away from God. They are stressed out and the vicious cycle is never ending.
So in this blog post, I want to share some amazing tips on how to connect with God even with a busy schedule so that you are living a guilt free productive life without stress.

Invest personal time with God everyday

My top recommendation would be to become intentional about investing your time everyday to know God more by waking up earlier to pray and study your Bible. Having alone time with God is very vital; to seek his heart for the day and to get wisdom on every aspect of your life. Just like you breathe everyday or take a shower everyday (hopefully!), spending time with God should also be a daily affair.

During my time with God, I generally:

  • Listen to worship music to saturate the environment with the presence of the Holy spirit.
  • Read my Bible using my devotional. Currently, one of my favourite devotionals to use is the Jesus Always: Embracing Joy in his Presence devotional by Sarah Young
  • Pray – I have dedicated things I pray for everyday eg family, friends, my business & ministry, my Pastor & church, the ladies in the Super Working Mum community etc
  • Write what God is telling me in my journal
  • Plan for the rest of the day

This takes me about 1 to 2 hours early in the morning and I won’t want to trade it for anything else. Any day I don’t start my day with God, I can tell the difference and so I always endeavour to start my day right. Which means going to bed early. For tips on how to wake up early click the link. I also share my tips in my book: Super Working Mum, Living and Loving Life to the fullest.

Dealing with different seasons of life

Now, I understand that with different seasons of life, not every mum can have a dedicated prayer schedule like mine. Notwithstanding you can find time to invest in your relationship with your heavenly Father.

One thing you must realise is that you because you are a redeemed child of God, your body is the temple of the Holy spirit so you carry his presence with you everywhere. Knowing this will set you free and help you recognise that you can pray anywhere and everywhere.

So whether you currently have a dedicated time in the morning to pray, you still have to “carry God with you” everywhere you go. Don’t be like those who after spending time in the morning to pray, leave God there and take matters into their hands.

So where and how else can you find time to connect with God even with a busy schedule?

During your downtime or times, you are alone such as:

  • bath/shower time
  • loo time,
  • waiting in line in the grocery store,
  • stuck in traffic
  • breastfeeding your baby
  • waiting for your children at their extracurricular activities
  • doing your chores at home.

You get the picture? Begin to see these block of times as “God and me” time.  You can download the You Version Bible app on your phone and do a devotional from there. They have thousands of amazing devotionals. Listen to worship music (If you are an Android user or iPhone user you can get up to 3 months of free music from the android store or apple store respectively so you can listen to gospel music on your phone), an uplifting message or the audio bible.

One thing I am committing to do more of is speaking in tongues on the go. This way I am banking prayers as I pray in the spirit.  When I am not talking to another human being or doing my work I am getting into the habit of talking to my father instead.

Why not give this a try and see what difference it makes in your life.

So tell me how do you connect with God even with a busy schedule?

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  1. LR
    LR says:

    Thanks for these tips! The praying in the spirit is something I encourage myself to do as often as possible and it helps. I love the idea of ‘banking prayers’

  2. Mojisola
    Mojisola says:

    Although I have my quiet time and read the scriptures in the morning before everyone wakes up. I also use my travel time to connect with God. I turn off my radio and praise till I arrive at my destination. This, I thoroughly enjoy.
    This is a great blog. Thank you for writing it Detola.

  3. Mary
    Mary says:

    Thank you so much for this! I personally struggle with this. But you have helped a great deal. I do some of the tips you gave but I want more you know. I want a dedicated time out. My intentional game has to be more I think. Thanks a lot for sharing this. ❤️🙏🏾

    • aloted
      aloted says:

      Yes dedicated intentional time with God is the best but don’t let guilt stop you from investing time with God as you build up to getting that dedicated time. He will guide and show you what to do to get “there”. Thanks for stopping by Mary.

  4. Yemisi Adegbile
    Yemisi Adegbile says:

    My “quiet” time as I like to call it is very sacred to me. I can’t live without his presence. So amazing. Thanks for this excerpt.

  5. OgoDesh
    OgoDesh says:

    This came to me in the nick of time. Sometimes I over think it and I’m waiting for the perfect time to spend time with God but now I realise I can carry him with me and that It’s not always about the quantity but he’s more interested in the quality of time I spend with him. That’s really how relationships grow. Thanks for sharing this. God bless you.


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