Are you “hungry” enough to manifest your dreams?

On April 16th Saturday I had the pleasure of hanging out with a number of ladies who are part of the Super Working Mum Academy. It was an amazing time hanging out with these beautiful ladies, dining and having some deep conversations.



I have realised that meeting up with members of your online community is a way to foster communication, trust and rapport in the group. Interacting online is great but meeting up with people physically goes a very long way to the success of a group on a mission.

The best part for me was getting to hear more about the amazing dreams God has placed in the hearts of these women ranging from helping:

  • children
  • women with infertility issues
  • parents
  • the youth especially young boys
  • bereaved children
  • career women
  • The government
  • Women who want to lose weight and keep fit
  • Independent business owners

And so much more!

I was so excited and moved by their hunger and desire to manifest their God given big dreams which is part of why they joined the Academy.

We spoke about how to improve the Academy and we have already started implementing some of those changes. Exciting days ahead.

Another thing that was reinforced at an earlier event I went to on the same day was the fact that a lot of Christians love God and have so much faith but hide behind prayers saying “God will do it”. But guess what? God has already done it…he is waiting for you to move.

Faith without actions is DEAD. For many of you reading this, it is time to step out of the prayer closet and time to take action. God is waiting for you, your nation is waiting for you to manifest your dreams!

Are you “hungry” enough to manifest your dreams? By hungry I mean you have a strong desire, a yearning, an ache, to satisfy your calling.

Then keep reading as we can help you!

In the SWM Academy we have members who are hungry, who desire to go deep and fulfill destiny!

  • We help you prioritise your time and dreams so you know what to focus on
  • We provide the tools and strategies you need to help you move from prayer mode to action mode
  • We help you maximise your time so you are intentional about what you are doing with it.
  • We provide support, mentoring, accountability and spiritual support.

The SWM Academy is the place to be if you are a Christian woman who is stuck, confused, stressed, out of balance or lacking confidence and want to move forward. You want to live the life you were truly chosen by God to live.

If you are interested in joining the Super Working Mum Academy or want to know more about what it entails then please click here for all the details.

If you want different results you have to do something different.

DO share with me, are you hungry enough to invest in your dreams? What steps are you taking to manifest those BIG dreams God has given you.

Up level Your Self Esteem, Learn How2Think

Yesterday, we launched our weekly Blab sessions called “Super Working Mum Convos with Detola Amure

Super Working MumConvosIf you haven’t heard of blab, it is a place to watch, join and interact with live video conversations about the topics that matter most to you. Blabs are fun and very interactive.

On these sessions we will be discussing topics around productivity, faith, maximise time, manifesting dreams and anything inspirational that you need on your journey as a Super Working Mum. I will be answering your burning questions. We will be having guest speakers as well. We will trial out the weekly blabs in the month of April and see how it goes.

On our “debut” session we had the pleasure of having CoachKemi of How2Think speak to us on the subject: Up level Your Self Esteem, Learn How2Think. Read more

My experience at the Hillsong Colour Conference 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is to focus on my spiritual growth. So one of the action points I had written to help me do that was to attend a few Christian women conferences.

Anyone who knows me well, know that I am a huge fan of Joyce Meyers (JM) so when I found out Mama JM was going to be at the Hillsong Colour Conference this year I signed up quickly.

It’s amazing that the Colour conference has been held in London for 15 years but I only heard of it last year. Because of Mama Joyce, the colour conference was suddenly on my radar. I am so glad I went and I would like to share some of my take home with you.

Read more