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I know you love the Lord, your husband and your children. Your desire is to be the best wife and the best mum for your children but at the same time you have these amazing dreams you want to accomplish such as:

Starting your own business

Writing books

Starting a women’s ministry

Advancing in your career

However society and religion has taught you that as a mum your dreams are no longer valid. “It is all about the children now”they say.

As a mother you find yourself trapped in the sacrifice of motherhood myth.

A survey done by ForbesWoman And TheBump.Com revealed the top 4 sacrifices women make when they become mothers: “Me” time, Having other identity outside of being a mother, Sex with spouse, Opportunity to grow career or business

You find that you overemphasise the things that you do or feel for your children and then run the risk of devaluing the other roles that you play as a woman  e.g daughter of God, wife, sister, friend, business owner, career woman

Does this sound like you?

You have decided to give in to the lie that you can’t have it all. This is reinforced by the fact that you can’t find the time to work on your goals so you put your dreams and goals on hold till someday and we all know someday never comes.

Now you are frustrated and need a way out of this trap.

Well good news!

You can have it all… the desires God placed in your heart and I want to show you how.

My name is ‘Detola Amure

(also known as Aloted Omoba)

I help Christian Mums MAXIMISE their time so that they can MANIFEST their God given dreams.

God has so much he wants you to be and it is not as hard as you think.

I am delighted to work with you to show you how to do just this!

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Sheri Okwuobi

Before working with Detola, I was so scared or critical of the idea, thinking what if this doesn’t work, what if I’m making the biggest mistake of my life.

But after 3 months of working together, I’ll say this is the best thing I have ever done yet, it’s been a great experience.

Thinking I’ve giving everything I’ve ever achieved away to sacrifice for my family and struggling for years to move past that, I now feel like I’m getting my life back to where God wants it to be. I have been able to start my new business with Detola’s help.


Sheri OkwuobiCEO of My Singing Star
Michelle Williams

‘Detola has a very natural manner while teaching you practical business ideas that you can easily implement, saving you time & effort.

I would highly recommend her courses as a working mum of six.

Her Inner circle has been helpful in things I need to accomplish. It is a forum I check daily & I am enjoying meeting the new people & connections.

Michelle WilliamsBusiness Owner
Bunmi Banwo

I signed for the 1-2-1 coaching with ‘Detola and it was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my business.

As a result of working with Detola I became more confident and I was able to launch my online fitness club and get many aspects of my business sorted.


Bunmi BanwoCEO, I Am More Than A Diet

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