When and what should I write in my journal?

what should i write in my journalThis is our third post in the journaling series. You can read my journaling story and 7 benefits of journaling by clicking the links.

Today I would like to answer a few common questions about journaling for those who are new to journaling. These questions include when should I journal and what should I write in my journal?

When should I journal during the day?

Typically a lot of Christian women I know, journal early in the morning during their time with God and/or in the evening before they go to bed. Some carry their journals around anywhere they go.

Early mornings are great because your mind is fresh and you can almost hear yourself thinking in the quiet and the words may flow more easily. Evenings are equally great because the events of the day is still fresh in your mind so you can write down your experiences and what God revealed to you during the day. On the go journaling is great to capture experiences and feelings as they happen.

Personally I tend to journal in the morning during my time with God. I also jot down words or inspirations that come to me during the day on my smartphone.

What I would suggest is find what works for you. If you are a morning person like me, journal in the morning. If you like to write to unwind just before going to bed, evenings might be the time for you. Or you could do both. I have been considering incorporating evening journaling into my routine.

Journaling is a personal experience so make it your own.

How often should I journal?

There are no hard and fast rules to how often you should journal. If you are just starting out, then I suggest take it one day at a time.  Starting is the most important thing and with time you will get a feel of how often you should journal. It is what you make out of the experience, so don’t feel under pressure to journal everyday because someone else does.

I journaled on and off over the years. In some years I didn’t journal at all. Then I picked up the habit again and journaled when I felt like especially when my heart or mind was burdened and I needed to get things off my chest. However with time, journaling has become part of my lifestyle. The benefits I have experienced are way much for me not to journal everyday.

What should I write in my journal?

Again this is up to you. You can decide to journal what God is saying to you, your prayers, your dreams, your health and fitness journey, your aspirations, your fears, etc.

12088371_10204930555839294_2182306831010383344_nI created the Living Amazed journal for the busy Christian mum who is new to journaling or those in need of motivation to journal again.

The Living Amazed journal is designed to help you journal at least 5 to 10 minutes every day to record your gratitudes, prayers and intentions for the day. It has guided prompts that will unlock your creative juices on what to write. Sometimes you may want to write but your mind is blank, having prompts is a great way of expanding your writing. The  journal also has section for free writing.

The Living Amazed journal is geared towards personal growth. This journal will welcome you into a new world of journaling and give you the confidence you need to start this exciting journey. The intention is also to give you the motivation and the desire to journal.

To find out more about the Living Amazed journal please click this link. I also shared in this article some steps on how to use the Living Amazed journal.

So share with me in the comment box below: when do you journal and what kind of things do you write in your journal?



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  1. Yemisi Adegbile
    Yemisi Adegbile says:

    I love to journal but not necessarily everyday. Over the weekend, especially on Saturday i find myself writing about my week, praise report, challenges and testimonies. A good thing i have personally found in journaling is when i’m waiting on God for an answer. I go back to read and reflect what i’ve written about the issue backed up with scriptures. This i find has kept me focus on God and not on the problem. Like you said, there is no hard or fast rule to it but i would recommend it to everyone.


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