Writing & mapping out my big goals for the quarter and month really helped me to realise that I don’t need to panic…3 months is PLENTY of time to accomplish the things that I need to do – so I don’t need to squeeze everything into my day and get stressed out.

I am so blessed by this journal! It has really helped me stay focused and on track. I have basically finished everything I had planned for the month and have started working on my next month list!

Mosope Idowu
Mosope IdowuEngineer + Fitness Coach for mums

Super Working Mum Living Purposefully Journal

This is the second journal in the Super Working Mum journal series.

This 90 day journal has been designed to help you to be more resolute, more determined and more intentional in your daily living. It also aims to help you keep track of what is important to you, when you need to take that action, why you should take that action but how YOU actually execute the actions is up to you.