Happy New Year to you! I am excited about what 2017 has in store for you and I.journaling

I know you may have heard me talk about journaling in the past. However in this month of January I would like to discuss more about journaling in depth, as this is one habit I believe every Super Working Mum should get into this year.  

Over the next 4 weeks or so I will be sharing some importance of journaling with you. By the time you are done reading I believe you will be motivated to pick up the habit of journaling which has the potential to transform your life.

Most women, especially mothers, I know complain about overwhelm, stress, being stagnant, lack of clarity, direction and sometimes lack of purpose and motivation in life. There are so many strategies and tools you can use to address these issues but one simple tool a lot of people don’t talk about is journaling.

Personally, Journaling has helped me over the years to address the issues aforementioned and so I want to share with you why you should consider journaling which can move you from a state of stress and overwhelm to a place of balance, calm, peace and clarity of purpose.

God has so much he wants to do through you in 2017 but when stress, overwhelm, confusion get in the way you get distracted from your purpose. Journaling helps you stay on track and in tune with what God is saying. 

Today I will like to share with you how I got into journaling.

My journaling story

Growing up as a teenager, I kept a diary (a form of a journal) which I wrote into every night to talk about my day and my feelings. It was partially focused on me and focused on God.  To be honest it was more focused on me than God. It was about my thoughts, my feelings, my crushes, what someone said to me that upset me  etc,.

Then I went to boarding school when I was 14 and stopped journaling for a number of years. A few years later, I picked up journaling occasionally when I needed an outlet to pour out what was on my mind.  

If I felt better, peaceful, calmer after journaling why not make it an everyday thing? This time my journal was more focused on what God was saying to me, my prayer requests, answered prayers, my confessions/declarations and intention for the day and what God was doing in my life.

The middle of 2014 was a tough time financially for my family and I. I was also waiting on God for some direction on the next step to take in my life. It was a dark confusing stressful time and I wrote furiously in my journal willing God to take control. It was a year of trusting and holding on to God.

I remember when we had a similar challenge two years prior, I wrote about that experience in my journal, how God came through and the lessons I learnt. In summary,  it was one phone call that changed our precarious situation. God reminded me of that challenging time. I heard him clearly say to me he was going to change our circumstances again with just one simple action. I stood on that word and that kept my faith going. Even when things didn’t seem to be changing in the physical, I knew God was working behind the scenes. This time it was one email that changed things around for my family and I.

This is just one of the many examples of what and why I write in my journal.

When I see God’s hands in my life and in the life of my family especially during trying times, I write it all down, I write the lessons, I write about the experience, I write about how God came through. It has become a case of living amazed by what God does on a daily basis. Knowing that HE cared for even the tiniest detail of my life and that he is my ever present help in times of trouble.

Writing about my experiences in my journal is a reminder never to take God for granted or to forget what he has done for me. It is also an opportunity to remember what He did in the past when challenging times come because since He is the same yesterday today and forever it means he will always come through.

I have grown in my faith, emotionally and mentally because I journal on a daily basis.

Do you want to experience growth through journalling? Then make sure you tune in next week as I share with you what exactly journaling is and some benefits of journaling with you.

Do you journal? Please share how you got into journaling in the comments below.

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