Tosi Ufodike Author of My Good NannyI present to you Super Working Mum, Tosi Ufodike, the founder of My Good Nanny, a nanny agency, based in the United States.

She has recently written a book titled 50 Parent Commandments (50PC)- The Essential guide to hiring a Good Nanny.

I personally use nannies/au pairs as a form of child care so I was very interested in this book. I must say it was easy to read and full of humor. It entails crucial points on employing the best nanny from your family. I definitely recommend it to all parents looking to hire a good nanny.

I decided to interview Tosi so you all could get an insight into her book and why she wrote it.

The Essential Guide to Hiring a Good Nanny – Interview with Tosi

Please tell us about yourself and what you do.

I help parents solve childcare problems. I am the Founder & CEO of My Good Nanny. My Good Nanny is the leading provider of Christian, diverse nannies in the United States of America. Please visit

What prompted you to write 50 Parent Commandments (50PC)- The essential guide to hiring a good nanny?

I really wanted to help other parents avoid mistakes that I had made early on when I was searching for a nanny. I also wanted to share my knowledge and experience.

The design cover looks really attractive. Who designed it?

Thank you. I worked with Kari Christie who is an amazing and talented graphic artist. She really captured my vision for what I was trying to convey with 50 Parent Commandments. We have received so many compliments on the cover.

 So what top three traits should a good nanny have?

Wow, that is a good question.

  1. A genuine love for children.
  2. Patience
  3. Honesty
Why should any mum/parent buy your book- 50PC?

It is a great guide for Mums and Dads who are searching for answers to their questions regarding hiring and finding a nanny. It is a simple, yet comprehensive guide that offers real solutions to questions parents have regarding finding the best nanny for their family. There is also a bonus must read section with 10 tips for nanny proofing a marriage. You have to read the list!

What key thing should a mum consider before choosing a nanny as a childcare option?

How well that nanny clicks with the family. Go with your gut on this one. Every Mum has nanny intuition, go with it. Don’t second guess yourself.

Live in or Live out Nannies, what is your personal preference and why?

I don’t have a personal preference. It really depends on that family’s situation. Every family is different and I always encourage parents to do what is best for their family.

You run a nanny agency, what value do you provide to mums/parents that other agencies may not provide?

I know the business, I have been on the other side of the fence. My Good Nanny is the only agency that provides culturally diverse nannies tailor made to suit the needs of the family. Whether you are searching for a nanny who understands your food, language, culture, etc. our wide array of nannies will satisfy your needs.

From your experience how can a mum ensure she gets the right nanny at the right time through a nanny agency knowing there is likely to be a huge demand from other mums as well?

The first step is choosing an agency that listens to the customers, does not cut corners, and values their nannies and families.

My Good Nanny is the best at what we do. Most agencies are cookie cutter agencies that usually try to manoeuvre the family into choosing what they have listed on a site, instead of finding a perfect fit for the family.

At My Good Nanny, our nannies are not listed. We pair each carefully screened nanny with the desires of the family. We firmly believe our customers are our number one priority.

As a working mum, what advice will you give to other working mums on balancing home and work?

Get HELP.  Being a super working mum does not mean you can do it alone. Ask for help. Hire a good nanny. It really takes a village to raise a child.


How To Get Your Copy

To get your copy of 50 Parent Commandments (50PC)- The Essential guide to hiring a Good Nanny, go to Amazon US or Amazon UK depending on your location.