Ready to Work ON Your Short Term Goals?
Join this Intimate Mastermind Group of 6 women with ’Detola

I will be facilitating the mastermind group with 6 Super Working Mums which will build your confidence and help you gain explosive results on specific goals you want to achieve within 90 days.

Current Mastermind group ongoing (April 20 – June 29)

New Mastermind group will commence July 13 – Sept 21.

We are very intentional about who we invite to join the mastermind.
1) You must have a maximum of TWO SMART goals you want to achieve during this period
2) You must be driven, motivated and committed
3) You must be a problem solver
4) You must have the financial resources to invest in the Mastermind

If you believe this is you, then we will like to invite you to apply to join the Mastermind below.

Ready to take action now? The next best way to start working on your goals, your personal development and manifesting your God given dreams is to join The Super Working Mum Academy.