Experience God’s transformational presence in silence & solitude

A few weeks ago, we held the 9th Super Working Mum retreat at Ashburnham Place between March 17- March 19. It was a prayer retreat with a difference and it was truly an amazing event. At this particular venue there was limited signal which felt a bit weird but was good. It forced every one of us to disconnect from the world in order to focus on God and each other.

On Friday, we got to know each other more and a lot of healing took place that evening. Burdens were released in the midst of tears. Women got a chance to speak out their minds and share from their heart.






On Saturday we had our lovely guest speakers Dr Micha Jazz and his jovial wife Jayne Jazz. It was as if they were with us on Friday as they touched on the fact that many of us were carrying pain around and we needed to let it go.

Dr Micha shared with us how to create intimacy with God even with a busy schedule using a technique called breath prayer. We got a chance to implement breath prayers and it was eye opening. To know my personal thoughts on this exercise and what I got from the experience, go check it out here.

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On Saturday evening we had our onesie party movie night and it was really cozy and fun. We watched a movie called Grace card, which talked about the power of forgiveness. Later on we played a game suggested by one of the ladies. It didn’t really have a clear objective but it made us all laugh out loud. It was truly like bonding with sisters.



Sunday was another refreshing day in God’s presence. I spoke about how powerful our words are and how we need to be more intentional about the words that come out of our mouth so we don’t negate our prayers.


Overall it was an amazing experience in God’s presence. 🙂

Here is feedback from one of the ladies who attended.


Save the date!!!

Our summer retreat will be happening on June 30 – July 2 by God’s grace. I am so excited because this is going to be our 10th retreat and it is going to be in collaboration with I am more than a diet so stay tuned for more information.



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  1. Ifeoluwa Iyaniwura
    Ifeoluwa Iyaniwura says:

    Awesome Retreat, Thank you for answering the call Detola. You are an asset to this generation. Keep up the good work.


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