Combating obstacles to journaling

obstaclesToday’s post will be the last blog post in our journaling series. I hope the past three posts and other similar posts (click here to read them) have encouraged you and propelled you to start/continue journaling.

However, I do understand that there might be some obstacles to journaling and I would like to address how you can combat these obstacles.

“Indecent exposure”

One of the obstacles to journaling I have heard from the women in my community is the fear that someone else might read the contents of the journal especially if the contents are raw or you generally don’t want anyone else to read.

In such a scenario I would encourage you to always carry your journal around you. If it is with you, no one else is likely to read it. Or you could keep it in a safe place at work if you work outside the home. The Living Amazed journal is a size A5 and can fit easily into your handbag.

If you want to write something that you don’t want anyone else to read, for example your frustration with your husband, child or friend, another suggestion would be to write it all out on a sheet of paper, get the lesson from the experience, transfer the lessons to your journal and then tear up or burn the piece of paper. There is no value in risking your relationships over the content of your journal if mistakenly read by someone else.


Another common obstacle I discovered was finding the time to journal. Women..mothers typically are busy juggling so many things that finding the time to journal can be challenging.

Based on the journaling series so far, I want to believe you now know how valuable journaling is. Therefore if it is beneficial and can help you in your life, I would say examine how you currently spend your time and see where you can fit in journaling.

I typically journal during my time with God in the morning, so I suggest you can do similar. Incorporate journaling into your special time with God, whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening.

If you don’t have a time you meet with God, I highly recommend you set a time now. For you to live victoriously as a daughter of God you cannot afford not to spend time with your heavenly Father. In my book, Super Working Mum, I talk about maximising your morning and how to get up early.


journal-ebook-mockup_burnedI really hoped you have been inspired and blessed by these journaling series. For more information on the benefits of journaling and the experience of other Christian women just like you who journal, I recommend you download my free ebook Journaling For Personal Growth by clicking this link.

If you are ready to start journaling then go get your copy of the Living Amazed Journal now. I promise you, your life will NOT remain the same. More details can be found here.


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