Toyin is a wife and mother of 1. She is a project manager and founder of Trinitee Lingerie. She shares her experience since becoming a member of the Academy and since working with Detola as a 1-2-1 mentee

Ifeoluwa is a wife, and mother of 2. She is a Nursing Student and Pastor. She has been a member of the academy since 2014 and she shares her experience of being an Academy member in this video

As at the time of this recording, Mosope had been a member of the SWM Academy for only three months and she is already experiencing amazing transformation. Watch video below

Wemimo, a wife, mum of 2; PhD holder, medical writer shares her experience of being a member of the Academy.

Traycee runs Traycees Food fashion. She started it as a blog before joining the academy and now it has expanded into much more! Tracyee is recognised as an authority when it comes to food and family meal plans.

Michelle Williams

‘Detola has a very natural manner while teaching you practical business ideas that you can easily implement, saving you time & effort.

I would highly recommend her courses as a working mum of six.

Her Academy (Inner circle) has been helpful in things I need to accomplish. It is a forum I check daily & I am enjoying meeting the new people & connections

Michelle WilliamsBusiness Owner + Mum of 6
Abiodun Deinkoru

Prior to joining Detola’s group program, my dream was in reaching out to mums of boys but I didn’t know how or when or if I will be able to develop the interest to an idea.

Fast forward to less than 3months after I join her group program, I had a strategy call with Detola and I knew what I wanted to do and I was able to start a group on Facebook, a page and a blog which is growing. It was no longer wishful thinking for me, I was inspired by Detola to start.

The group members are always ready to support with prayers, counsel and encouraging words. The group is intimate.”

Abiodun DeinkoruEngineer and Founder of the Facebook group Raising Boys
Ope Malomo

I had just returned to work after almost a year off on maternity leave. I was somewhat anxious about juggling 9-5 work and housework, motherhood and the many facets of my life.

The major difference I’ve noticed since I joined the Academy is I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I used to. I make use of the knowledge I now have and the tools and worksheets provided during the modules.

In the first few months of being back at work, I was working unnecessary long hours to prove a point to my team that I was back in top form, however I started feeling drained and stressed at home and I have learnt how to put appropriate boundaries in place #lessonsfromModule2

Above all of these, I am grateful for the community of Christian women who look out for one another, encourage and support each other despite only meeting online. God is truly in our midst and doing amazing things for His Kingdom through each and every single one of us.

Ope MalomoProject Manager + Business Owner
Pennie Rumsey

“I tried to learn from a lot of business “guru’s” about how to run a business. The thing that has been a challenge is finding someone that can help me from where I am now. It seems that most of the gurus out there are so far ahead of me in the game that they don’t understand where I really am right now, or how to really give me the small steps I need.

Detola has completely understood and helped work miracles in the beginning steps of this journey. She was able to give me the small simple steps I needed and could follow. Detola is a great teacher!”

Funmi Onamusi

As a management consultant and experienced project manager, I had always prided myself on my ability to take control of projects and assignment and my great time management skills… All that went out the window when I went back to workpart time after our second baby. I struggled to keep ahead and big items started falling through the cracks while I was in constant fire fighting mode. Detola’s  Take Back Control Of Your Time program was great because:

1) it helped identify what the problem was

2) I learned how to work through the issues that made me ‘firefight’

3) it introduced me to the vision 5 ( which I stick to till date)

Finally, I have run time management workshops in the past and didn’t think there was anything else to learn but I was wrong. This programme was created by a working mum with children so she knew exactly where the shoe pinched which made the material very much what I needed.

Even if you aren’t struggling with time management I think this course is essential for any and every working/business mum.

Funmi OnamusiDirector of Operations + Business Owner +
Temitope S

My session with ‘Detola really helped me to identify potentials already within me. It was interactive and it was more like me identifying ways I could improve and coming up with goals I could meet rather than ‘Detola making the decisions for me.

Since then I’ve been looking for ways to improve on areas I’m not happy about, while working on the targets I set during the session.

I think the best part was that I was able to draw out the potential already in me because of the session and I felt no pressure at all.

Temitope SProject Manager