How to connect with God even with a busy schedule

how to connect with God even with a busy schedule

One of the qualities of a Super Working mum is the ability to connect with God even with a busy schedule.

One thing I always tell my ladies is that if you are too busy to read your bible and pray then you are really too busy!

As a Christian mum, you cannot afford NOT to spend some time with your father and the one who knows your future. This is how you will grow and deal better with the challenges of life.

I know life can get very busy, with family commitments and work commitments. A lot of women get into a guilt trip because they can’t find time to pray or read their bibles.
They feel condemned and sink deeper into guilt and end up being far away from God. They are stressed out and the vicious cycle is never ending.
So in this blog post, I want to share some amazing tips on how to connect with God even with a busy schedule so that you are living a guilt free productive life without stress.

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Did I hear God Wrong?

did-i-hear-god-wrongA few months ago, I heard God give me a specific instruction concerning an area of my life and even though it sounded very weird, I obeyed.

Then I heard him tell me something better was coming, he was very specific and I was so excited. However everything seem to go downhill from there. I felt like I was out of my depth, I felt exposed and like I was going to drown. I even had a melt down.

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When should I quit my 9-5 job?

redearsqI got this question from one of the ladies in the SWM Academy: “When should I quit my 9-5 job so I can focus full time on business or ministry?

I gave her my answer based on my own experience which I will like to share with you. My view happens to be from a biblical standpoint and may differ from what the world says.

You are probably in a similar position, feeling the itch and restless at work and you just want to leave but before you do. Here is ONE major point to settle.


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On seeking the approval of others

Let me share one of my “seeking the approval of others” stories with you which costed me a year!

You see, in 2013, God gave me the inspiration to start retreats for busy mums/women but then I told a friend and she didn’t think anyone would attend..”who would want to leave their children for a weekend”. That totally made sense to me at the time so I followed her advice. For a year I sat on it and decided to do day events (SWM LIVE) instead.

I felt the nudge in my spirit again, so early 2014 I got some courage to approach the ladies in the SWM community and 19 women came for the first retreat in June 2014. In fact the retreat sold out in 2 weeks. I was totally blown away!

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Being a WatchMan for your home

This is a short blog post with a direct clear message to mothers.

As a Super Working Mum you have being called to be the watchman of your home. You have a special assignment.

Being a WatchMan for your home

Ezekiel 33: 3 says: When the watchman sees the enemy coming, he sounds the alarm to warn the people.

We are the spiritual watchmen for our family, this means we must be at alert and discern ahead before the enemy attacks. We must not be caught unawares. Therefore we need to tune our spiritual ears to hear what God is saying at all times.

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