How to connect with God even with a busy schedule

how to connect with God even with a busy schedule

One of the qualities of a Super Working mum is the ability to connect with God even with a busy schedule.

One thing I always tell my ladies is that if you are too busy to read your bible and pray then you are really too busy!

As a Christian mum, you cannot afford NOT to spend some time with your father and the one who knows your future. This is how you will grow and deal better with the challenges of life.

I know life can get very busy, with family commitments and work commitments. A lot of women get into a guilt trip because they can’t find time to pray or read their bibles.
They feel condemned and sink deeper into guilt and end up being far away from God. They are stressed out and the vicious cycle is never ending.
So in this blog post, I want to share some amazing tips on how to connect with God even with a busy schedule so that you are living a guilt free productive life without stress.

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How to deal with overwhelm as a single parent

There are so many single parents out there, this includes married women who are parenting their children by themselves. Single parenting could occur as a result of:

  • children born out of wedlock
  • a separation or divorce
  • a temporary situation where daddy is not in town due to work
  • The death of the father of the house
  • The dad physically present but not involved with parenting his children

Or any other reason.

Whether you are a single parent by choice or not, or your case is temporary or more permanent, I know that it can be overwhelming juggle faith, life, purpose, work. Trying to manifest your God given dreams seems almost impossible.

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Experience God’s transformational presence in silence & solitude

A few weeks ago, we held the 9th Super Working Mum retreat at Ashburnham Place between March 17- March 19. It was a prayer retreat with a difference and it was truly an amazing event. At this particular venue there was limited signal which felt a bit weird but was good. It forced every one of us to disconnect from the world in order to focus on God and each other.

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“Can I have more than one purpose in life?”

I recently got this question from one of the women in the Super Working Mum Facebook community: “Cancan I have more than one purpose? I have more than one purpose in life? If yes, must they “match” or be related?”

What a fantastic and relevant question.  Many people have this question on their mind and in this blog post I will try and answer to the best of my abilities, as simple as possible and within the context of this question (there is so much to the topic called purpose)

Firstly let’s establish the definition of Purpose.

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