“Can I have more than one purpose in life?”

I recently got this question from one of the women in the Super Working Mum Facebook community: “Cancan I have more than one purpose? I have more than one purpose in life? If yes, must they “match” or be related?”

What a fantastic and relevant question.  Many people have this question on their mind and in this blog post I will try and answer to the best of my abilities, as simple as possible and within the context of this question (there is so much to the topic called purpose)

Firstly let’s establish the definition of Purpose.

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Combating obstacles to journaling

obstaclesToday’s post will be the last blog post in our journaling series. I hope the past three posts  and other similar posts (click here to read them) have encouraged you and propelled you to start/continue journaling.

However I do understand that there might be some obstacles to you starting or continuing journaling and I would like to address how you can combat these obstacles.

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7 benefits of journaling

7 benefits of journaling

7 benefits of journalingLast week we started a series on journaling. I shared my journaling story, you can check it out by clicking the link if you missed it.

You may be wondering so what really is the big deal about journalling? Why do I need to journal? Well today, I will answer your questions and share 7 benefits of journaling.

But before we do that let’s find out what exactly journaling is.

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