Being a WatchMan for your home

This is a short blog post with a direct clear message to mothers.

As a Super Working Mum you have being called to be the watchman of your home. You have a special assignment.

Being a WatchMan for your home

Ezekiel 33: 3 says: When the watchman sees the enemy coming, he sounds the alarm to warn the people.

We are the spiritual watchmen for our family, this means we must be at alert and discern ahead before the enemy attacks. We must not be caught unawares. Therefore we need to tune our spiritual ears to hear what God is saying at all times.

A LOT of Christian women are going through all sorts of attacks in their marriages… and this is because the devil knows a happy stable marriage produces happy powerful children …the future generation…and he doesn’t want that to happen…so he attacks the marriage to get to the children. He attacks the marriage to keep you distracted from your purpose.

Stop being part of the problem! Be part of the solution.

Proverbs 14:1- A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

Your husband is not the problem. Your husband is not the one you should be fighting. (Please note that I am not excusing any bad behaviour from our men but the answer is not in attacking them but in the place of prayer where you can get wisdom on how to tackle the issue.)

Your warfare is not physical..

It is spiritual…

Stop moaning and start declaring. Stop fighting and start confessing and claiming what is yours in Christ. A happy home, a God fearing man, obedient children. Take back what the devil has stolen from you.

Every month in the Empowering Christian Working Mum Facebook group, we have been confessing the word of God and for the month of June (or whenever you get to read this) I will like to invite you to take this Marriage Confession on a daily basis (click link to access) and believe for a super natural shift in your marriage.

These confessions are prayers to God and declaring them is your way of taking charge.

Even if your marriage is ok or stable and everything is hunky dorey …it can be better… so I suggest you pray for the next level.

Also take heed lest you fall. You still need to be alert.

If you are not yet married and you are reading this, go ahead and declare these confessions. You are sowing powerful words ahead into your future and it can not go void.

If you are already in the habit of declaring confessions similar to this, well done! Please do not relent. Keep up the good work, mama. We know that the power of life and death is in our words, so keep speaking LIFE…TRUTH…THE WORD.

I hope you get the clear message of this post. These are hard times…but we are victorious in Christ Jesus.

Print out the confession, download it on your phone, carry it around, set reminders on your phone to say them.Do what you need to do.

PS- if you are experiencing any kind of abuse in your home, please seek help, don’t stay silent!

PPS- You can join us in the Empowering Christian Working Mum Facebook group where we share tips to empower us in our Super Working Mum journey.



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