“A man’s work is from sun to sun, but a mother’s work is never done.” ~ Unknown

Hello and welcome to my website, I am glad you stopped by. You are at the right place at the right time.

My name is Detola Amure also known as Aloted Omoba. I am a wife to an amazing man and a mother to two lovely children- a 6 year old girl called Bionic and a 2 year old boy named

Prof J (no those are not their real names :)).


I have a BSc degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Operational Research. I started my career in Management Consulting and then moved on to work as a Business Analyst where I analysed processes and systems for various organisations.

Currently I run Super Working Mum.

My passion is seeing women empowered and being the best they can be by living purpose driven lives. My mission is to help Christian mums manage their time so that they can manifest their God given dreams.

I love reading, having fun, travelling, researching and writing and these days recording videos and webinars!

Inspiration behind Super Working Mum

Super Working Mum was born out of a need to help working mums who are overwhelmed and busy find the time and balance they need to work on their priorities.

You see, I started working right after university at the age of 21 with no care in the world. Going to work was fun! At the early stages of my career I worked at a big 4 consulting firm- Accenture as an Analyst for about 4 years and I thoroughly enjoyed travelling from city to city and practically living out of my suitcase! I tell you, it was an absolute joy! I later worked for other top organisations salotedwebsiteuch as British Sky Broadcasting, Ford Motors as a business analyst.

When I got married and had my daughter…. my world changed. My schedule changed, my priorities changed and I had two extra people to think about a husband and a baby.

My life became one full of sacrifices- sleep, privacy, space, free time, and freedom, and sometimes my sanity!

It was a whole new experience and seemed overwhelming at first. I lost my motivation and confidence. I lost my passion for writing. I wanted to get by with the barest minimum I could as I didn’t know how to handle the change in my life. I continued on this path and in 2012 I picked up my writing again and starting the Super Working Mum Blog to share my findings with other working mums like myself.

Then in 2013 when I was three months pregnant with my son…I lost my job. I felt so angry at God, my husband and the whole world. I fell into depression as I thought everything and everyone was against me.

After two weeks of dealing with pregnancy rage and depression, I felt God tell me to stop pitying myself and rise up to a higher standard… to do what he had called me to do- help women like myself.

Then I realised I had to make a change.

How I moved From Living an Average life to Manifesting My Dreams

I began to research, read, learn and implement strategies that tremendously helped me cope with prioritising and combining work and home effortlessly. I invested in group coaching, I attended business meetings to network with other mums, I hired my own coach.

I spent more time getting closer to God.

I have come to understand that being a Super Working Mum is a journey of excellence and not of perfection. It is a journey of relying on the Super Natural strength of the Holy Spirit.

Now I have moved from a state of living an average life to manifesting my dreams by the grace of God

  • I have written 3 books, one of which is a best seller
  • I have built a thriving and engaged Facebook community with over 800 Christian women 
  • I have private coaching clients who have left their jobs and started businesses
  • My blog is read by women from different countries such of which are UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa etc
  • I have featured in several magazines & blogs such as LagosMums, Woman.Ng, Empowered Christian Women Magazine, Jasmine’s Place Magazine
  • I have been interviewed on The Turning Point International TV Programme which is watched by a global audience of 7 million people

Today, I have a closer and better relationship with God, my relationship with my husband is amazing. I am intentional about the time I spend with my children.

A lot of women have BIG dreams that God has given them but they are lacking in confidence, direction, support and motivation. They are in fire fighting mode and distracted so can’t focus on what God has called them to do. This used to be my story but if I could do it so can you! I can show you what I did!

The tools, strategies and ideas I present via Super Working Mum would be valuable to any mother (working or not), who want to manage their time and manifest their God given dreams.


Super Working Mum Academy

This is a online training program for Christian Mums who want to learn how to manage their time so they can manifest their God given dreams. For more information click the image.swm-academy

My gift to you!

You can download two free chapters from my published book- Super Working Mum, Living andLoving Life to the fullest. I am sure you will learn a thing or two to help you on your working mum journey. To get instant access click here.

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My Contact Information

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I look forward to getting to know you more and I hope you have a great time here.

More blessings!