About to Give Up??


  • Are you a Christian mum stuck in your business?
  • Are you feeling like God gave you a business idea but now everything is falling apart?
  • Are you frustrated and feel like you are not making any headway in your business?
  • Are you falling out of love with your business?
  • Are you ready to give up?



Why Small business owners give up

In my free eye opening video training I share with you

3 Reasons why Small Business Owners give up and how to fix it.

In my free video training :

  • I address the key issues that are making you feel like giving up
  • I share practical tips on how to fix each one of these issues

Why should you listen to me?

I am a business analyst by profession and I have worked with top consulting companies such aloted omobaas Accenture, Sky and Ford Motors where I helped these business improve their business processes.

Since the birth of my daughter about five years ago, I knew I wanted to have a business that will allow me work round my family and live the life that I desired. I knew that there was more to 9-5. So I tried my hands on several business ideas- bead making, online store, direct sales, MLM, cloth swap party events, I even considered cupcake making once!  

However I quit every single one of it at the slightest hint of difficulty because I didn’t have a vision, didn’t know what I was doing, lacked confidence and I was very scared. It was very comfortable sticking to a 9-5  job where at least I knew regular income would come in.

Yet that burning desire to run my own business where I could share my gift was still there.

Then I started Super Working Mum where I help Christian working mothers who want to start out in business or who have started but don’t have a clear direction or focus. I show them tips on how to manage their time and balance it all. I also provide guidance on technology in business using my techie background.

However I still had similar challenges as before, no clear vision or direction, lack of confidence in my abilities, no paying customers. I was ready to give up again.

However I made some changes because this time it was for real. I invested in myself, in business coaching and started to learn new enlightening things. Now with my business, I run events, sell online programs that people love and use. I am also in the process of writing my second book for the working mum.

In this training I want to share with you the exact thing I did when I felt like giving up. 


My free video shows you why Christian businesswomen/mum give up and how to sail through the dark times.  I will share with you the EXACT practical strategies I used when I felt like giving up earlier on in my business .

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At the end of the training, you would have some action steps you can immediately apply to give you the boost you need to stay motivation.



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What people have said about working with me

1010776_405540506226339_1786253347_nI have been in business for a whopping 3 and 1/2 months. Just starting out I have been trying to learn from many many business “guru’s” about how to run a business. The thing that has been a challenge is finding someone that can help me from where I am now. It seems that most of the guru’s out there are so far ahead of me in the game that they don’t understand where I really am right now, or how to really give me the small steps I need. Aloted has completely understood and helped work miracles in the beginning steps of this journey. She was able to give me the small simple steps I needed and could follow. Aloted is a great teacher and I look forward to learning more!” ~Pennie Rumsey, www.pathofprovidence.com

olubunmibI just had a strategy call with Aloted and I must say I felt good after. Got new insights into my business. Thank you Aloted.
~Olubunmi Banwo, Project Manager and Owner I am More Than A Diet



1888939_10152233252417442_363711094_oAloted has a very natural manner while teaching you practical business ideas that you can easily implement, saving you time & effort. I would highly recommend her courses as a working mum of six. Michelle Williamswww.shelbyartmentoring.com



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